Part of what makes eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce so useful is the number of plugins developers can integrate with your site, allowing for our developers to craft an experience for your visitors that is fully customizable. Plugins that integrate with your site’s shopping cart or otherwise improve upon the power of your chosen ecommerce platform, such as BigCommerce, help to increase conversions and improve the experience for the customer. These kinds of plugins are key to the development of an effective online store. Much like the customizable nature of themes, BigCommerce plugins allow you to customize the experience customers have on your site. They also allow you to customize the functionality of the website before and after development, meaning you can get new functionality that wasn’t baked into the BigCommerce platform to begin with. As a BigCommerce developer, we are always ready to take advantage of new developments that roll out for the Stencil platform that we develop sites on.

In addition to these plugins are a variety of solutions intended to work alongside your site and help improve the success of your online store. Services such a Kalviyo, ShipStation, AdWords and Facebook Ads are all designed to integrate in some way with your ecommerce platform of choice. This includes BigCommerce and provide something that plugins can’t provide on their own: reach, exposure, remarketing and fulfillment options. These extra services are like a different form of development, designed to create a more effective website, and help maximize the effectiveness of your BigCommerce store.


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