AR App Development

Technology which makes the user to interact with digital world

Augmented Reality is the trending technology which makes the user to interact with digital world using real world objects or interact with real world using digital medium.We create engaging AR applications for Android, iPad, iPhone, and Windows. Our AR app developer experts enhance the product communication and help business to enjoy market share of relevance with increased brand recognition.

Services Offered

Services Offered in Daphnisys

  • E-commerce and M-commerce applications.
  • Enhanced marketing apps.
  • Geo-location with additional data.
  • Medical/Health applications with live images of surgery
  • Educational resources
  • Industrial applications with AR views.
  • Apps with added augmented 2D and 3D effects.

Our Team

  • Technical proficiency with the new technology
  • Best-in-class solutions at cost-effective prices
  • Custom AR apps for Android, IOS, and wearable devices
  • Engaging front-end and robust back-end
  • Bug-free programming and assistance at all phases
  • Technical expertise in broad disciplines
Our Team

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